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c o m m i s s i o n s . & . t r a d e s {

c a r n i v a l {

#2 Event - Spring Carnival
Trade Tickets for Items!
Co-Species Directory
List of all Griffians

My Tracker/ Info

Kayme's Spring Carnival Tracker
Registered Creatures for Carnival!
Raiden's Registration for Carnival!
Finn's Registration for Carnival!


Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui = once a day

Tier 1:

Mod Mess: 1 ticket per entry, try to do all of them!
Bob & Duet's Photo Booth: 1 ticket for an entry, not sure how many entries are allowed.
Rides: Draw an NPC (since my Bagbean is still not made) riding.... Floophorse rollercoster, experience getting evil snacks in the Spooky NomNom house, and write about an NPC like you work in a scary ride and spread the tale of the hollowbean mutations.
HP Veggie Eating Contest: Draw your Bagbean (NPC) stuffing their face with any type of vegetable. Has to be full-body and colored. 1 Art = 1 HP. Max HP gained from this is 40.
Status Improvement: Each skill can earn up to 50 points. Draw the Bagbean doing one of these...
BREAK THE BELL | Berserk - Knight (attack) +1 (1/20)
STEAL THE LEAVES | Silent - Rouge (stealth) +1 (0/20)
LADDER ON FIRE | Nimble - Scout (speed) +1 (0/20)
BLOCK THE STONE PIES | Sturdy - Guard (defense) +1 (0/20)
Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Fried Pickle Cart: Draw a fullbody/ full color of any Griffian with a fried pickle.

Tier 2:

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Fish-a-Nubi: 5 tickets, daily "guess the number" for Pixi Customs. Yes.
Companion Poem: 5 tickets, 5 sentence poem.
Best in Show: 5 tickets, full color and full body showing companion in their best light!
Bonus Game: 5 tickets, be entereed into a raffle to win Sparkling Time Water. Do a drawing of NPC (since my custom is in waiting) playing the Duck Game.
The Quest to Repaint!: Costs 5 tickets.

Tier 3:

Golden Geo Gamble: Only get two tries, 10 tickets to participate!
Bobbing for Allies!: BOBBING. BOBBING. DO IT. BOB. (Turnip #840.)
To Tame or Not to Tame: 10 tickets, write a 10 word sentence about a tamable creature in the list.

Tier 4:

BEANGO: Costs 15 tickets, you can only participate once. (My number: 2713)
Weave the Queen a Word Story: Costs 15 tickets! 1000-1500 words, something about the carnival?

Wheel of Bean Fortune

Costs 20 tickets. Always a prize!



Collectible - Secret formula by griffsnuff
^ 10 Tickets ^

Collectible - Mini carnival spring pouch by griffsnuff
^ Design Agnes' Bag Content ^


Collectible - Spring Puffpillow by griffsnuff
^ Puffshimi pincushion ^

Collectible - Floophorse statue by griffsnuff
^ Fashionable Floophorse ^

Collectible - Terracotta potta by griffsnuff
^ Draw a flora! ^


10 tickets to participate in these.

DTA Rubber Ducky
Theme for this DTA: Colored paper only!
Use only colored paper to create artwork of this Bagbean.
You can not draw on the paper, only use scissors/ knives and glue.

DTA Blackberry Cake
Theme for this DTA: Pixel Art!

DTA Tinder Fungus
Theme for this DTA: Squares, triangles and rectangles.
With the use of only those three shapes, create an artwork.

DTA Balloon
Theme for this DTA: Pointillism

CTA Pancakes
Theme for this CTA: FOOD
That means, with the use of real food,
you craft some kind of art of this Bagbean!

Get Tickets!

Each game can only get you up to 25 tickets!

Spring Dress up Art of a Griffian dressed up in costumes 25/25
Silly silly dance move Art of a Griffian making the silliest face and pose 25/25
Flower child Art of a Griffian that has anything to do with flowers 14/25
Jump on the Parabara Art of a griffian trying to wake the Parabara 5/25
Pie Eating Contest Art of a Griffian stuffing their face 10/25
Vermin Fun Art of a Griffian that has anything to do with Snych at the Carnival 0/25
Funny mirror house Art of a griffian inside a mirror house DRAWN with nondominant hand 18/25
Expression terror Art of a griffian (head shots only) with 5 different types of expressions 25/25
Pop a bean balloon Art of a griffian popping a bean shaped balloon 10/25
Pin the tail on the floophorse Art of a griffian pinning a tail on a floophorse poster 7/25
Whack a Whap Art of a griffian Whacking a toy whap in the head so it squeaks 7/25
Knock the bottles Art of a griffian Knocking down potions?? Fabians collection?? 0/25
Paint some faces Art of a griffian with face paint on, are they happy or mad? 5/25
Food tasting! Art of a griffian eating different carnival foods 10/25
Help the nature Art of a griffian planting some plants at the carnival 4/25
Clean up Art of a griffian helping keeping the carnival clean 3/25
Performer Art of a griffian performing at the carnival 6/25
Fun ride Art of a griffian joining some kind of ride 8/25
Make a wish Art of a griffian drawing their biggest wish in life by the wish well 9/25
Late night fireworks Art of griffian watching the fireworks 0/25

m y . c h a r a c t e r s {

Initial Magic Trial
Step 1/3:

Rai | Capricorn Caster |

Raiden will strike fast, and ask questions later. He is a loner, and seldom makes acquaintances. He keeps to himself as far as other species go, but when it comes to the lady casters he can be quite charming. He's very knowledgeable, and spends most of his time reading up on lore and magic, and learning new spells and how to mix potions.

Charismatic (when prompted) - Honest (bluntly so) - Dramatic - Independent - Impatient - Competitive

Friendship Trial
Step 1/3:

Aster | Fife Pixi |

Aster is a happy-go-lucky little Pixi that loves to watch the sunrise and hates to see it set! She thinks that the sun is her best friend and is always seen either talking to the sun or basking in its warmth. Because of her talking to it all the time, though, some other creatures just think that she's crazy. She's very shy around other Griffia creatures as well, and that doesn't help her case. Aster is really nice though, and just wants to take a good nap with her buddy, the sun.


Cato | Trainer |

A fun-loving guy, Cato loves to follow around Pokemon in their natural habitat and capture images of them. His trusty partner, Leon, also helps him scout out areas with his amazing camouflage!



KaymeDeLynn has started a donation pool!
527 / 16,000
All donations are welcomed and will be properly thanked. With art, of course!!

This is where you pay for commissions. Please wait until I give you the thumbs up before paying! PayPal will have to be arranged.

You must be logged in to donate.

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Kik Bubbles | FTU by PuniPlush

I love my friends more than anything.
I need them like I need the air I breathe.
Thank you for being there for me.

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Tiny Plant Divider by RussianBlues

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It's Not a Joke Stamp by Spikytastic 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Depression Stamp by Spikytastic


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